Thursday, April 30, 2009

This is Emily Yeung writing a blog

So Disney's morning lineup has changed. And since I've been pregnant Madeline's morning routine has come to start with half an hour with me in bed watching a cartoon. Depending on when she wakes up determines what show we watch together. If I have to get ready to go somewhere, she maaaaay get another show in the morning.
A few times we have caught "Special Agent Oso." It's one of Disney's new original shows.
It's terrible. I mean I really hate it. Granted, no cartoon has me enthralled (except for Charlie and Lola oh how I love them!) but Higglytown Heroes was tolerable - the Wiggles aren't bad. (Imagination Movers though - I hate them too) - even the little "in between" shows weren't bad - Choo Choo Soul, Emily Yeung.... now we have the double whammy of Oso and "Pass the Plate" which Madeline and I both hate.
The premise of Oso is that he gets called in to help children do something they don't know how to do. The first one I saw he was helping a child get a book at the library - great - promote reading! Show kids how to use the computer! (Oh remember using card catalogues??) But then the projects got stupider. Special Agent Oso helps a kid get the mail. Oso helps a kid pull up his pants. Oso helps a kid take off a band-aid.
Maybe I doth protest too much. But this is a cartoon I just can't stomach.


Risha said...

Yeah, I don't like Agent Oso, either, especially since they took of Little Einsteins which Isabelle loves! I don't think I ever caught Emily Yeung. I don't like the Imagination Movers either. Isabelle's favorites are Little Einsteins, My Friends Tigger and Pooh and Handy Manny.

Madeline Grace Fulton said...

Boo! I have been watching LE since I found out I was pregnant. Steve and i used to cuddle up and watch it on Sat mornings and hope that the music would get to her by osmosis.....

Emily Yeung wasn't the most amazing thing in the world but it wasn't bad. It wasn't a cartoon - but like a 5 year old girl who would go learn how to make a smoothie or write poetry or something. The title was always "This is Emily Yeung . . ."

I just find Oso intrinsically annoying

The Carrels said...

I was so upset when Emily Yeung was kicked out by Daniel Cook - there was something 'not right' about that boy...I miss Emily Yeung, too. We actually have a really old episode of The Wiggles on tivo and she is at the end ... so every now and then we'll get to see her!

Emily said...

I am so p.o'd that they took of Little Einsteins for "OSO Awful" as I call him. He's not even cute! C'mon Disney, at least give us a cute bear! I have always thought the Disney animations were great and pleasant to the eyes, but OSO is not. I like the idea of him coming to show kids how to do certain things and sometimes the easy things are good - like brushing teeth. Maybe he could show kids how to plant a flower or sleep in (haha) or something useful! I have to agree with your board post that the music and character for his "three special steps" is just horrible. WHY did they pick that throw-back to the 50's tune? I just don't get this show and want my Little Einsteins back darnit. NOW, Disney. NOW.